Best Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Water heater might not be the new device, but not for tankless model. Old model of water heater used tank to store water and usually installed outdoor. Certain product is indoor-based water tank. It depends on the size and capacity of the tank. You need more space in bathroom when using indoor mode and the outdoor stuff requires complicated installation. Another problem is about the safety. Putting water with heater at the same room will increase the electric accident. Because of such reason, the best electric tankless water heater emerges to replace the old technology. This device is small and no need tank to put water before raising the temperature. The device is automatically increased or decreased based on your preference.

Top 5 Products for Electric Tankless Water Heater

#1. Ecosmart ECO 18

ecosmart-eco-18Tankless water heater starts to gain popularity and many products can be found at stores. It is difficult for beginner to determine whether one product is better than the others. For beginner, you can try Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater. This device looks compact and uses modulating technology to increase temperature. After installation, you are able to use it immediately to experience the direct hot water from its source. There is no need to put tank to store the water. Everything is done automatically as simple as possible.

This device has digital control to keep the water at certain level. You can set temperature until it reaches 105 Fahrenheit. As eco-friendly device, it will adjust to the surrounding. In warmer weather, you can reach full capacity of water in 2.5 gallon per minute. This rate and temperature will go lower during the cold season. The device needs time to increase the temperature, so reducing the water flow is right solution.

#2. Rheem RTE 9

rheem-rte-9For tankless water heater, Rheem RTE 9 is one of top products on the market. To control temperature, LED display will show some indicators. When the heater is activated, you can see the indicator in on mode and vice versa. The attractive side about this device is about its small size. Modulating power makes heating ability at the utmost level. To increase temperature, this device uses copper heat exchanger or rugged brass. If you have business in hotel or inns, this device is the right solution to deliver ultimate service without increasing the cost of production. It can be installed in two showers.

At full capacity, the maximum flow rate is 3 gallon per minute. If two showers are being used together, the flow rate will be reduced but still enough to deliver good warm water. This device receives energy star, so it is very eco-friendly product. Manufacturer gives 10-year warranty for heat exchanger that means this device is high quality.

#3. Ecosmart ECO 11

ecosmart-eco-11Electric becomes the power source in tankless water heater. You can see the specific metal designed to receive electric directly then turn water into hot temperature when passing this metal. It is called heater exchanger. The concept is simple but the application requires the advanced technology. This is what you see in Ecosmart ECO 11.

Manufacturer puts digital technology to manage temperature until 1-degree increment. The temperature is based on Fahrenheit, so you need to be familiar with this measurement. For your information, maximum level of hot water is 107 Fahrenheit. You may think water heater can reach 100 Celsius. That is possible but not applicable. Who does want to shower in such temperature? Maximum flow rate is 2 gallon per minute. At colder weather, this device takes time to increase water, so you need to turn off one sink or shower to reach full capacity. Ecosmart can be installed in two showers to make it more convenient.

#4. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus

stiebel-eltron-tempra-24-plusStiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus is the top product in tankless water heater list. Stability is what you get from this device. Manufacturer uses advanced technology to prevent temperature fluctuation. You don’t want to feel cold suddenly during shower. It is very unpleasant. The design is sleek and compact, so it fits to anywhere, even small bathroom.

Manufacturer states that this device would save fifteen to twenty percent of energy. It is more efficient compared to the tank mode. Using this device is very simple. You just need to dial at control area then select the water level. The device will adjust your choice automatically. It operates in 2140 volts, so it is very suitable in average electrical source. Besides home, hotel and inn are able to install this water heater to deliver warm service. There is no complicated installation. Constant temperature can be obtained without worry about weather. Therefore, Steibel Eltron Tempra is your excellent choice to experience the stability of hot water.

#5. Rheem RTE 3

rheem-rte-3Each of water heaters has their own advantages. As one of the top products in market, Rheem RTE 3 is recommended choice to deliver constant water flow at the stable temperature. It is compact design with LED display to show some indicators. Maximum flow rate is 1.5 gallon and it can make up to 5 gallon per minute simultaneously. Minimum rate is 0.4 gallon per minutes. It uses copper as heat exchanger.

Well, it is very efficient. The device can be installed in any room and condition. You do not have to worry about energy consumption because energy star rating is the proof that Rheem is eco-friendly product.

Benefit of Electric Tankless Water Heater

The benefit electric tankless water heater is its less space. No tank means more spaces in bathroom. This device increases temperature directly. It surely save the time and energy. In tank model, you need to fill it with water then wait until the temperature is fully warm or hot. However, you may not use all of water because of certain reason.

Tankless water heater prevents unnecessary water inside the tank. Other benefits are cost of installation and maintenance. The tank needs to be checked regularly to keep the water clean. Installation requires cost because it uses more wires and pipes. On contrary, by using tankless water heater, you do not have to check the tank or some complicated installations.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

Water heater is not plug-and-play device, so you need to consider several matters before deciding to buy. For beginners, conducting research is important to prevent unwanted situation. Sometimes, the device does not work properly because owner does not know about water source and electrical situation. There are several tips before picking the best electric tankless water heater.

Firstly, you want to use water heater for one bathroom or more than two sinks. Advanced technology lets device to extend it into another sink or bathroom. However, the capability is not optimal. The device has 3 gallons per minute at maximum level and you can use two sinks or bathroom. The capacity will be divided into two parts and each of them receive 1.5 gallon per minute. Mathematical calculation is crucial to estimate this condition.

Secondly, you need to check the water and electrical source. In certain area, water condition is different. The compounds inside water determine how fast temperature is able to go high. You need to make sure about water source. Today, electricity is more stable than in the past time. Even though it is not much affected, electricity might bring potential risk when you use tankless water heater. The last tip is asking about warranty and technical support. Good manufacturers will provide warranty for their products. It is not device that can be repaired without special tools, so you need to know where the service center or authorized dealer.